"As Long As It Ain't Me" is the first episode of Survivor: Phillipines, the third season of Survivor.

Immunity Challenge Edit

As the season kicks off with high hopes hanging in the air, the cast sets sail to an island in Phillipines. Most of the cast is new, though a few seasoned ORG players also hope for redemption.

Redemption. Ah, what a lovely word that is. With a twirl of her magical hostess wand, AmazingPurry gives contestants a pleasant surprise: the presence of Redemption Island. Second chances do exist, and some of the contestants feel the tension ease away - for now.

The first immunity challenge isn't much of a surprise, and contestants quickly get to it. Teamwork is key to the first challenge: flag-making.

After much deliberation, the teams are finally ready to present their flags for judgement.

The criteria for judgement was as follows:

  1. Swag
  2. Culture
  3. Colour
  4. Effect

Maganda no doubt lacked one of those - most likely the first - and Buhay came out victorious!


Maganda's Flag


Buhay's SWAG-ilicious flag

Maganda heads back to camp, dreading the blood Tribal Council they are about to endure.

Tribal Council: Maganda Edit

The voting was not an easy process and Maganda is clearly a tribe divided. One must wonder whether or not steady factions have been developing or not, based on the wild voting. The votes were as follows:

  • James: 1 vote (self-vote) A true daredevil in this crazy world, James allows himself to take a self-vote. Cocky, James seems sure that only he will vote himself out for the rest of the adventure in Phillipines.
  • Jolandri: 1 vote
  • Shawn: 1 vote
  • Blake: 2 votes

The first person voted out of Survivor: Phillipines is Solarr.

FUN FACT! Solar was placed 14th in Survivor: Mexico. Hungry for revenge, we can only begin to wonder what Redemption Island has in store for him.