The Pelotas Alliance
DylanSammyJake R
Season Survivor: Brazil
Founder SirKillawatt
Members SammyDog
Jake R
Day Formed Day 4
Enemies Silemy1
Lowest Placing Member SirKillawatt (15/16) (quit)
Highest Placing Member IvanLaurence (Winner)

No reason for him to act like this at all. Not someone we need on our tribe.

–Wyatt About Silemy1

The Pelotas Alliance Was a short living alliance in Survivor: Brazil, Consisting of Wyatt, Dylan, Jake, Ivan & Sammy.


In order to save themselfs if they went to tribal, Wyatt set up a majority alliance idea with Dylan, who agreed and they added in Jake, Sammy & Ivan, hoping to Sweep the Game If things go well.


Swag ORG Survivor Alliances Per Season
Brazil Mexico Philippines Africa
The Pelotas Alliance 2 Girls 1 Cup Alliance TBA Very Lame and I can't remember it
Green Day Gavin, Miguel & Satnaam
Montenegro Denmark TBA TBA
Project Three Greece Pun Alliance TBA TBA
Im so Pijan The Sisterhood
Pijan Safehouse Aarhus 2.0 Alliance
The Majority
The Mavericks